Features Of Spear Attached To Tractor

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Once upon a time, many, many years ago, most of the world’s industrious farmers were all hard at work in their fields. They still are today. Back then, to help make their work just a little easier on their shoulders and backs, they had the use of handheld tools. Today, rural subsistence farmers are still using these ancient tools.

These are the hardy farmers who have yet to be introduced to the mechanized and far more advanced replacements. In keeping up with the global population growth and its insatiable appetite, industrial farmers have no alternative but to use the mechanized versions across many acres of land under their custody. These days, they also need to be a lot more sustainable and inventive in light of the issues associated with climate change, rapid soil erosion being one of them.

It was only after the first industrial revolution, and around that time the world’s population started grow at rates never experienced before, that farmers who owned large tracts of land started to use steam powered tractors. Today, they are using diesel and gas. And one of the most commonly used instruments for agricultural stock farmers is the bale spear. And today, they have a resourceful bale spear tractor supply inventory to accommodate their tractors and their increase agricultural productivity.

bale spear tractor supply

Hay bale spears to be attached to the tractor will be accompanied by spikes, and hitch adapters to help cope with skid steer. Industrial scale farming requires quick turnaround times, just as much as any other industry. Hay bale movers have three points and are accompanied by quick couplers and quick hitches. The tractor spears are quite large, ranging in size from 33 to 48 inches in overall length. And they are accompanied by a 30-inch load center.