Seals Used For Padlocks

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Padlocks have been in use for centuries. Who would have thought? In the (really) olden days, the padlocks in use were huge and heavy, and it required rather clunky and heavy-set keys to open and close them. It most probably was left to the strongest and heaviest custodian to lock at night. But like all things industrious and in human use, padlocks have come a long way since those primitive days.

The padlocks in use are, of course, a lot smaller and of sleek design. They, of course, are also being used for a lot more purposes, not just to lock up prisoners in their cells at night. To ensure that commercial use padlocks work seamlessly and flawlessly, padlock seals will be one of the components applied. Like the wide variety of padlocks available to the commercial consumer, the same variety applies to the seals.

padlock seals

One padlock may require fixed length seal. Another may require a fixed length indicating seal. A nylon indicating seal is designed to protect electricity, gas and water meters. The nylon seal can also be used to secure calibration and measuring devices. Vehicle instruction bags have been equipped with them. It is hard to define whether the design intention has been aesthetic or purposeful. Nevertheless, padlock seals can be supplied in varying colors. The stock color in use is, however, yellow.

While custom padlocks will enjoy a four week lead time in black or dark blue. Cable safety seals are adjustable for users. The usual cable diameter is sixteen inches. Its stock color is black, while red is the custom alternative, giving its user a three week lead time. The padlock seal can also be used to close small holes and openings and are identifiable in injected ink markings and laser or digital thermal print.